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Honestly? One of my favourite games of all time

nailed it

cool and different tale on the dress up game, definitly fun!

thanks for making and sharing

6:04 is time i played this game and it was  something else lol in a good way it was fun and crazy to dress up as a normal human!

So funky and cool!:D

This is fantastic!


haha this is so goofy


i wish we were not timed i want to look FAB XDD

Had a good laugh, made a video, have a great day.


Haha I thought I would lose if I didn't cover every inch of bone! Makes a lot more sense now. Fun game, really interesting concept. Adorably weird! :)

Bizzare and beautiful

Quality little game, good effort!


Thanks, glad you enjoyed yourself at the party!

This game was so awesome! I wish there were more settings to customize the skeledancer with little hats or other stuff like that! I really enjoyed the game!


Hi! :) You miiiiiight wanna play again, then: Just click the big NEXT Button and other trays with hats and lots of different things will appear! Enjoy and thanks for the video, glad you liked it! <3

I'm not a smart man. I was more focused on the funny, floating blobs to play with lol